The Stone Hobo – “After the Fall”

Stone Hobo is Defunct, but read the story here.

“After the Fall” is a story about the feeling you get when someone you think you love doesn’t notice you despite all of the spectacular things that you do deserving of notice.  Well, maybe this isn’t a feeling that you get, but it’s something I experience regularly.  It’s also about being young – the petty dramas of fresh adulthood, and the incredible luck that the young seem to possess as well.  I am proud of this piece.  It was one of the earliest short stories that I tackled and my gratitude goes out to Morgan Spiller for helping me to edit the piece.

“After the Fall” was originally accepted by a lovely little online publication by the name of Stone Hobo.  In fact, this was one of the earlier stories published on their website.  I watched their publication grow slowly, and an evolution in the appeal of their site was taking place as well.  Unfortunately, like so many up and coming publications, Stone Hobo went defunct after about two years in existence.  Their site is no longer active, and the domain name seems to be back up for grabs. I hope that this story is readable again sometime, but for now it will rest happily in the greatest obscurity it has enjoyed thus far.


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