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The Corner Club is defunct, but read the short story here.

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The Corner Club Press accepted my story “The Writing Group” in the January 2012 issue of their journal, which has, unfortunately since folded. This piece is unfairly subjective look at a fellow writer, but is more about the narrator’s inability to escape the monastic solitude of authorhood. It is about a man whose personal struggles make him unsympathetic to a fellow sufferer. It’s embarrassingly unsympathetic and an editor once described it as frighteningly solipsistic, but it’s a great read.

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About Corner Club Press:

The creation of The Corner Club Press is actually an impulsive endeavor of ours. Being an editor for The Oddville Press, it’s always been at the back of my mind to create my own magazine, but I never had a reason to start. For one thing, finding people on-line and then actually trusting them to get things done is a harrowing thought. For another thing, I had no idea how to go about doing it. Of course, having experience in the realm of two magazines has answered those questions for me, but even then I had nobody to start a magazine with. Then in my ENGL 2250 class, I met three other people who were interested in creative writing. The name “Corner Club” actually comes from Christopher Selmek, writer of Augusta’s local Verge. He coined the term because all four of us sat in the corner of our ENGL 2250 classroom, constantly exchanging humorous anecdotes over the days’ lessons. We quickly formed a friendship, then bonded one night during a study session.

But it was Daphne and I who bonded even faster because of our fervent love for the written word and Daphne’s own shared interest in being part of a magazine. As for Greg Tredore, he is someone we impulsively added because of his experience with a literary magazine and having an MFA in Creative Writing. We figured he’d be a great mentor to us, and thus far, he is.

Even though two members of the “Corner Club” are not as of yet active in the creation of this magazine, the name wouldn’t exist without their friendship. And that’s what Daphne and I want this magazine to be about: friendship. Not necessarily stories of friendship or anything of that sort, but we aim to provide a friendly, flexible magazine for writers to submit to. I consider myself more of a novelist, so the short stories I did write often had difficulties finding magazines because many magazines want shorter works and there are few magazines that accept longer works. We also didn’t want to limit our magazine to any particular theme or genre because we want as many submissions as possible. So submit away!

Amber Forbes, Founder

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