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Engine Room Mural: Ocean Giant

This stencil mural was spray painted onto the bulkhead of the Ocean Giant’s Engine Room. Photos record the process and final result. The image is approximately 2 1/2′ by 3′. The ship tends to make a circuit between the arctic and Antarctic, and I was aboard during the 2023 trip to McMurdo station in Antarctica. I also used the stencil to make poster-sized prints onto navigational charts that had been used aboard the ship.


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Not Yet A Breach, But An Expansion

“Not Yet A Breach, But An Expansion” is two plates printed onto expired navigational charts. These charts had been used to navigate aboard Foss tugboats. The paper is high quality, untextured, and is not highly absorbent. This is the first print made using the printing press that my father and I made using a vice press to generate pressure. The title is a reference to John Donne’s poem, “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning.”

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